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Group Overview

PowerNex was founded in 2015, is the first authorized e-commerce distributor and a member of Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress. We provide standard power supplies of Mean Well (Not include modified products and customized products.) Fast service for R&D project and those who have small quality orders or who are in the area without distributors. For large amount, modified products and customized products, please contact the local authorized distributor.

According to the MSRP, PowerNex provide fast delivery B-B service in 2 working days with a small amount of diverse stocks of all Mean Well products. Product quality service and warranty was provided by local Mean Well company.

Order process :
1. Add items to the shopping cart.
2. We will contact you after receive the inquiry list.
3. Payment method: credit card, paypal or T/T. Please contact us after pay the payment
4. Parcel will ship out after received the payment.

PowerNex 成立於2015 是明緯集團首家授權電商通路,也是Amazon、eBay、阿里巴巴、速賣通會員,本公司提供明緯公司標準電源(不含修改品、訂製品)以快速服務研發工程和沒有明緯代理經銷商區域為目標。大量需求,修改品、訂製品請聯絡明緯當地公司、授權經銷商。PowerNex 備有明緯全產品小量且多樣庫存,依照明緯MSRP (製造商建議零售價)提供 2 工作天交貨快速B-B服務,產品品質服務由明緯當地公司提供售後保証期服務。

訂貨流程 :
1. 請依Shopping cart 選購產品
2. 本公司會依Shopping cart 回覆交期
3. 付款方式可用信用卡、Paypal、T/T。
4. 本公司於收款後立即出貨